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Sureties are often engaged in a variety of complex legal matters surrounding bonds. When issues or questions arise it is wise to consult with an experienced surety and fidelity bond attorney. If you represent a surety seeking fidelity and surety legal advice, you need to speak with an attorney who is able to handle your situation in a timely and thorough manner.

Contact Williams & Williams in Orlando, Florida, to learn how our knowledge and experience in surety law can be of benefit to you.

For over 30 years, our surety and fidelity bond law firm has been assisting clients in drafting a variety of surety bonds:

  • Construction bonds: general contractors' payment and performance bonds, construction lien bonds, construction lien transfer bonds, sub-contractors, performance and payment bonds, bid bonds, subdivision improvement bonds, reclamation bonds
  • Fidelity bonds covering employee dishonesty and embezzlement
  • Miscellaneous bonds involving probate bonds, guardianship bonds, license and permit bonds for motor vehicle dealers, license and permit bonds for mobile home manufacturers and dealers, mobile home installers bonds, title insurance agency bonds, notary bonds, citrus dealers and agricultural products dealers bonds, Medicare providers bonds, notary bonds, customs and export bonds, fiduciary bonds the department of professional regulation

Since we currently represent or have represented all of the major sureties in the United States, we have developed expertise in the investigation and defense of surety bond claims. As a result, we have represented the surety in matters concerning claims by the obligee, contractor, subcontractor, lienor, or indemnitor. And at various times we have also represented all parties concerned with construction litigation, including the owner, architect, engineer, prime contractor, subcontractor, or supplier.

Our Orlando surety and fidelity bond attorneys routinely assist in claims investigation, claims resolution, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), takeover agreements, and workouts.

We also handle the defense of various fidelity bond claims, and financial institution bond claims, including claims resolution, litigation if necessary, and seeking restitution or indemnity and subrogation.

We've also represented all of the major sureties in the United States in the investigation and defense of commercial or miscellaneous bond litigation. While we have mostly represented the surety in commercial or miscellaneous bond claims resolution, when a conflict does not arise, we've represented the claimant or the individual as well.

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